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Companion Linc hosts a few trainings each month for job coaches, extended family home providers, residential, and respite staff.  If you plan on attending training, please RSVP to helpdesk@companionlinc.com and include the position you are applying for and the training(s) you plan to attend.


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  • Now in Omaha!

    We are pleased to announce that Companion Linc has entered into an agreement to assume the operations of a DD Provider Agency in Omaha. This DD Provider served approximately 100 individuals. They provide Day Services exclusively. It was that structure of their Day Services and the types of opportunities that lead us to believe that this would be a great fit to continue to expand Companion Linc's mission, vision and service philosophy.


    The location of their Day Services is truly unique. It includes paid and unpaid opportunities such as a Cafe' that is open to the public, a bakery, a jewelry making area, rug and towel making area, art and sewing areas activity area all in one building!


    We are looking forward to this new challenge and opportunity, and appreciate all of your support in fulfilling Companion Linc's Mission.


    Click Here If You Would Like To Join Our Omaha Team!

  • News

    Companion Linc is proud to announce a new partnership with the Downtown Lincoln Association (DLA)!  Companion Linc Day Services will work with the DLA to keep the several areas of Downtown Lincoln clean and safe!... Including the area around the new Pinnacle Bank Arena!  


    Click their link below to learn more about the DLA!


  • Events

    Visit us often to find Companion Linc Event Announcements!!