For all Residential Services, Companion Linc follows a “Matching Process” to attempt to best pair Companions with Host Home and In-Home Providers. This matching process includes the following:

1. Companion Linc Administration meet with Companion and his/her team to learn about his/her needs and goals.
2. Companion Linc interviews Host Home/In-Home Providers who have successfully passed all required background checks and completed all trainings.
3. Companion Linc initiates a “meet and greet” between the Companion/Companion’s Team and the potential Host Home/In-Home Provider.
4. The Companion/Companion’s Team decides which Host Home/In-Home Providers they would like to schedule a time for an extended visit with the Companion.
5. The Companion/Companion’s Team continues visits with Host Home/In-Home Provider in the community or at the Host Home/In-Home Providers home.
6. The Companion/Companion’s Team chooses the Host Home/In-Home Provider and services are scheduled.

Host Home

Companion Linc is built on the philosophy that individuals in services are most successful when services are provided as a “natural support in natural settings”.  Companion Linc provides its residential services in private homes with individuals and/or families called Host Homes.  The minimum expectation is that all Host Home Providers provide a healthy, stable home that provides a supportive environment of care.  But the real expectation for Hose Homes of Companion Linc is that they care for and include Companions as a real part of their family.

In-Home Services

Companion Linc believes that when possible, In-Home services are the most natural services available. In-Home services include two types of services:

1. Support for a Companion who lives in his/her own residence
2. Support for a Companion who lives with a family member(s)

Companion Linc follows the Matching Process detailed above, and subsequently sub-contracts with the In-Home Provider the Companion/Companion’s Team chooses. The In-Home Provider becomes the main support staff, as well as the main point of contact for the Companion and the Companion’s team. This insures that someone who is truly invested in the Companion, and who is committed to developing a relationship with the Companion and his/her team is responsible for the quality of the services provided.

Companion Linc’s Day Services embodies its Mission, Vision and Service Philosophy in that all services are provided with opportunities in the community that are designed for the community at large, and not only for individuals receiving DD Services. These opportunities include competitive employment, volunteer opportunities and activities in the community that everyone enjoys.

The People’s City Mission (Homeless Prevention Center)

Companion Linc is proud of its partnership with the People’s City Mission in serving as its main volunteer force during the week.  This partnership began in 2012, and been a tremendous opportunity for our Companions to work alongside people of all backgrounds as volunteers at the Homeless Prevention Center.  It has also provided a valuable opportunity for Companions to “give back” to the community.  This partnership is great example of how Companion Linc’s services can assist in reversing negative stigma for our population.

The Stores

Companion Linc has developed retail Stores on West “O” Street.  Our partnerships with Phat Jack’s BBQ restaurant and The ARC of Lincoln are the first of their type in the state of Nebraska.  All Companions are employed by the Stores, and paid minimum wage for their work.

Phat Jack’s BBQ

Companion Linc is proud to partner with the restaurant named “Best BBQ in Lincoln” in 2014 and 2015, Phat Jack’s BBQ.  This unique partnership design allows Companions the opportunity to work in a restaurant, and build food service skills and experience.  Companions co-operate the restaurant with Phat Jack’s employees during Day Services, and demonstrate their ability to not only work competitively, but impressively.

The ARC Thrift Store

The ARC of Lincoln is the leading advocacy agency in Lincoln for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Down Syndrome. Companion Linc is proud to partner with the ARC of Lincoln to co-operate a Thrift Store. The ARC Thrift Store will be operated by the Companions during Day Services, and will provide them with a paid opportunity to learn retail/department store skills and experience, as well as an opportunity to be connected with advocacy work of The ARC of Lincoln.