We provide Host Home services, in conjunction with licensed adult foster care providers, to individuals receiving services through the Medicaid Waiver program. Our host home providers are licensed foster care providers focus on providing daily cares and helping the companions work toward meeting their goals, while Companion Linc staff ensure that the requirements of the 245D waiver program are met. This balance seems to be a successful way of supporting Companions in a natural family setting and become valued members of their home and community.

Within this program we also provide out of home respite services to individuals that live with their family. Daily respite services are provided in a licensed foster home, allowing Companions a "mini vacation" while their family has an obligation that means they are unable to provide the care that the Companion needs to be successful.
We provide a variety of hourly services to Companions in their home and local community. The most commonly utilized services are In-Home Family Support and Supported Employment.

In-Home Family Support generally is utilized to help teach a skill and/or provide opportunities to get out into the community and explore the Companion’s interests. Companions and their support teams work with Companion Linc staff to figure out a schedule, assist in selecting the staff that will provide supports and play a key role in what will be accomplished during their time with staff.

Supported Employment Services are built upon helping Companions find and maintain a job of their choosing. Companion Linc staff utilize the principals of person centered planning to work with each Companion to identify the characteristics of a job that would be a good match for each Companion, then they head out into the field with the Companion to take the steps necessary to find the job. Once the Companion finds a position, their direct support professional will assist in providing training, communication with the employer, assistance in securing transportation and any other ongoing support that is necessary for the person to successfully maintain their position. In some circumstances Companion Linc may not be part of the entire process, but may step in to help with just one aspect.

Other services that Companion Linc provides include:

Independent Living Skills:
This service is similar to In-Home Family Support, with the distinction that the funding comes from a different waiver. Also, many Companions receiving this service are living semi-independently in the community so their staff is involved in providing services in the areas where the Companion needs support to be successful.

Homemaker Services:
Helping individuals maintain their home.This might include laundry, cleaning, dishes, grocery shopping.

Companion/Personal Support Services:
Providing assistance in activities of daily living and personal cares.

Housing Access Coordination:
Assisting individuals in creating a person centered housing plan, assisting them to secure housing, then follow-up services for one year to assist with ͞housing issues͟ that they might have.

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Minnesota 245D Policies

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